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PMB Jazz Festival

August 1st 2015 | @ Golden Horse Casino, Pietermaritzburg, ZA | Tickets: R200 / VIP R800.00 | Gates Open @ 10am


Young Women's

August 8th 2015 | @ Pretoria National Botanical Garden, Pretoria, ZA | Tickets: R350 Online / R400 @ gate / VIP R1000 | Doors open @ 3pm


A night with
the Queens

August 9th 2015 | @ Kingdom Ministries Auditorium Dagbreek, Welkom, ZA | Tickets: R350 / VIP R500 | Event Starts @ 8pm


Women of Note

August 21st 2015 | @ Vista Arena, Bloemfontein, ZA | Tickets: R290 - R390 / VIP R1300 | Doors Open @ 6pm


Polokwane Mega Picnic
Sunday Soul Session

September 6th 2015 | @ Jack Botes Park, Polokwane, ZA | Tickets: R200 Online / R250 @ door / VIP R650 | Gates Open @ 10am


Mascom Live Sessions
featuring LIRA

November 6th 2015 | @ Botswana Craft, Plot 20716, Western Bypass, Gaborone | Tickets: R250 | Event Starts @ 8pm


Cherry Festival

November 14th 2015 | @ Ficksburg Show Frounds, Free State, ZA | Tickets: TBC |






Following in the footsteps of Sade, Lira blends R&B, Jazz and African styles all in one.

Miss Lira

Platinum-selling South African singer/model/actress Lira has already conquered South Africa and much of Europe with her irresistible blend of R&B, Jazz and African styles. Like Sade before her, she is now set to conquer America with the release of her debut U.S. single "Feel Good" and her debut U.S. album release Rise Again, due out April 29 2014 on Shanachie Entertainment. The album’s first single, "Feel Good," is a slinky, jazzy re-mix of one of her major South African hits, a perfect showcase for Lira's soulful, melodious singing style. That unique style led Essence Magazine to name her as one of "Five Unique Artists To Change Music in 2012." With her debut U.S. release and a US tour in the works, Lira is clearly poised for a major stateside breakthrough. Born in the midst of Apartheid, the stunning artist shares, “Music changed my world forever it was the companion and silent warrior that spoke for us when we were not able to.”

"Lira has all the ingredients to be a star in the U.S.," says Shanachie General Manager Randall Grass. "She has a unique sound, a wonderful voice, model-quality looks and is already a popular artist, not only in Africa but in much of Europe as well, with a wide-ranging appeal to Jazz, R & B, World music and Pop audiences."

Rise Again is the perfect introduction to the full-spectrum of Lira’s artistry. Songs such as “With My Eyes” and “Typical” highlight her sultry vocal tone on songs that deal with the subtleties of romantic relationships. “Rise Again,” “Feel Good” and “Believer” are all upbeat, inspirational, feel good anthems that exemplify Lira’s ability to touch people of all different backgrounds. She incorporates reggae into “Valley Of Darkness” and “Call Me,” a natural move since reggae continues to be a vibrant presence on the contemporary African music scene. “Ixesha,” “Hamba” and “Phakade” are all African-language songs that bring South African musical textures to the fore.

“You know there's something very special about knowing who you are and knowing how you came to be,” Lira said in an interview with NPR’s “Tell Me More.” “There's, for me, just something really precious about that and I understand the problem. The thing that we suffered with as our generation is that we are trying to integrate into the world, you know, so we feel like there's no space for our heritage and that's just an incorrect perception. So by artists like myself, who still preserve the language, we bring a sense of coolness to it. So it's just important, but I mean that's the struggle that the elders are finding is that children just want to be part of the global community and they can't see where it all fits in. So that's why I feel like with our generation it's our responsibility to preserve it.” All of the songs on Rise Again are written or co-written by Lira, except the deeply moving “Something Inside So Strong,” written by Labi Siffre. Lira performed the song for Nelson Mandela at his 90th birthday celebration.

Lira was born in Ekurhuleni, East of Johannesburg, South Africa. Having grown up listening to Stevie Wonder, Miriam Makeba, Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone, she began writing songs and performing at age 16. In 2000 she was discovered by, the musician producer Arthur Mafokate, who signed her to his label, releasing her debut album All My Love in 2003. The title track surpassed Beyonce's "Dangerously In Love" on a chart-topping run. She was then signed to Sony Music in South Africa and saw her debut Sony album win awards at the South African Music Awards (SAMA), the South African equivalent of the Grammy awards. In summer of 2010 she joined such artists as Alicia Keys, Shakira, K'Naan and John Legend as featured performer in the FIFA World Cup Kick-Off Concert. That year she also made her cinematic debut as the support lead in the Italian feature film Consul. The Star newspaper in South Africa declared her the foremost Adult Contemporary solo artist in South Africa. The release of her high-end concert DVD, Live In Concert: A Celebration, was certified Triple-Platinum and knocked Celine Dion's Live In Las Vegas out of the #1 spot on the video sales chart. Her first two Sony albums were likewise certified Platinum. Lira has appeared on the cover of more than twenty magazines around the world and has the largest online social media network of any female African musician, with over 900,000 followers. She has also received a BET Awards nomination as "Best International Artist" in 2012. With the release of Rise Again, American audiences will at last experience the magic Lira has brought to audiences in Africa and Europe.




Vicky “Mavikaro” Mngomezulu (Keyboards) is the longest standing member of the band, having performed with Lira for 13 years and has co-composed the majority of Lira's songs. He grew up in Daveyton just like Lira east of Johannesburg and has had the least exposure to new things which gives him a very unique worldview. He does not like to go out and prefers to stay in his hotel room skyping his mother or girlfriend unless the rest of the band drags him out.

Earl "Breezy" Baartman (Bass Player) the youngest member of the band and hails from Port Elizabeth. He joined the band in 2011 after his father passed away and was swept straight into a world tour. He shares Joshua’s shoe fetish and loves to show his style through unique hair cuts. He is a budding producer and has a great talent for live show production. He is a prankster who loves to pose for pics, takes selfies and post behind the scenes footage to social media. He is also into soccer & cricket.

Kenton Lee Windvogel (Guitarist) He is responsible and ambitious which feeds into his love of self-improvement programmes. He is a producer and has been nominated for a South African Music Award with his band Soul Stone. Hailing from Durban, he spends a lot of time making music as well as spending time in music shops or online researching new ways of making music. He also has a fun side which is evident in the regular pranks he likes to play on waiters and service staff. He enjoys a good laugh and LOVES water - taking every opportunity for a swim.

Joshua "JStar" Zacheus (Drummer, Vocalist) has been performing with Lira for 12 years and was born and raised in Eldorado Park, south of Johannesburg. He is an incredible performer and he is passionate about drumming. He considers himself a superstar and would like to collaborate with and produce for artists from all over the world. He is obsessed with sneakers and the first thing he does on arriving at a new place is check out the sneaker shops.



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Catch some of Lira's latest video posts, from live shows and interviews.
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  • Lira - Live In New York City 2013




Follow Lira on an exciting new 30 Day Challenge, one that promises to bring the BEST out of YOU!

More info and details below.

This Month show some LOVE towards Yourself!

The Challenge

For the next 30 days, starting this February, spend 1 hour each day geared towards YOU.
These guidelines will help make sure this time is spent truly with yourself and not filled with distractions.

Things you can’t do:

No TV, Music, Movies or Games
Avoid being with other people "This is about having some ME time"
Criticizing yourself
No children, No husband, no friends!
As little distractions as possible
It must be one full hour. Try not to cut corners by counting your morning shower, teeth brushing and cereal eating as your hour.
The hour should be at a point in the day where it truly feels like you are taking time out for yourself.

Things you can do:

Meditation/self reflection
Walking or exercising
Something you love
Reflect on what you like about yourself
Saying what you appreciate about yourself (Mirror work)
Anything else that you can do alone with little distraction

The overall goal is quite simple: spend more time with just YOURSELF, listen to your thoughts, reflect on who you are and who you want to be. How can you be more loving toward yourself and what can you do to express it. Some might call this facing yourself, or simply taking some time for YOU.

If you are looking for some journaling topics, think about reflecting on events that happened during your day or decisions you might have to make shortly. Reflect on how you might feel about something or perhaps bring up a fear you might have. The idea is to explore YOU and what you have going on inside. Don't judge what you write, challenge yourself to be open and put it all out there! There is no wrong answer for what you can journal about. Try to recognize and point out to yourself everything you love and appreciate about yourself!

When it comes to the “Something you love” option, try to make it something other than just a movie, video game, or TV. Try something new, play guitar, do some knitting, pet your cat or dog!

Stick To It!

Just like I did, you will likely notice some great benefits from doing this for the month. It's a great reflective space to work through various challenges you might be having. It's also a great time to start doing something you've always wanted to do. You may also find out a lot about yourself that is hidden just beneath the surface, but don't be afraid of this! It's very empowering.
One thing that can be very helpful is to journal about your experience with the hour each day. By the end you can reflect back and see how things might have changed as the month went on.

Post about your experiences on the LIRA SISTERHOOD FACEBOOK CLUB

With love

Inspired by Joe, Founder of Collective Evolution


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